Flashpoint Friendship


Some friendships you make in an instant and they last a lifetime. You don’t have to grow up with these friends or even interact with them all that often. Your vibes just synch. They get you and you get them. Sedona and Dan of Flashpoint Collective are these kinds of friends. I first met them officially at Riot Fest 2015 and, while we had been internet stalking one another for quite some time, it was this moment that I realized these two needed to be in my life. There’s nothing like rocking out, sharing laughs and stories, and leaving sobriety behind at a festival to solidify a friendship. Yep, these were my kind of people. But they happened to live quite a good distance from me, so for the time being, our friendship would have to be contained to the web. Luckily for me they live in the Bay Area and my last trip there left just enough time to reconnect!

When Dan and Sedona aren’t being totally awesome patrons of the arts and music, they are creating pure magic with their abilities as photographers. Together they take ordinary objects and make spectacular images with them. I highly recommend you not going to their site if you’re hungry because I have had to stop myself from licking my screen on several occasions! If they can make everyday food items seductive, appealing and, well, down right scrumptious, just imagine what they can do with people! I was lucky enough to be able to find out.


If you know anything about the bay area, you know that the weather isn’t exactly the most predictable. It loves to be grey, foggy, and rainy every time I come to visit. This doesn’t exactly leave a lot of options for outdoor shooting, especially during the winter months, and my short notice put us at a somewhat disadvantage when looking for locations. That didn’t even slow Dan and Sedona down. They erected a simple but beautiful studio setup in their home and we got down to business. They were even kind enough to get a space heater going for my delicate little butt since I am always cold! Seeing the raw images off the back of their camera I knew that we were making some pure gold! All in all the shoot went quickly, smoothly and they made me feel more than comfortable. Then, to my absolute delight, they took me to Pho! Unfortunately, my time during this trip was disappointingly short, so I didn’t have nearly enough time with them (I could have sat and chatted with them for hours!) and I had to rush off shortly after.

It’s always incredibly impressive when you see artists like them take a seemingly simple set up and create jaw dropping, beautiful images – and that was exactly what showed up on my computer when I opened my email from Flashpoint Collective. There’s also a sort of magic that happens when you get to create art with your friends. It’s hard to explain the satisfaction that I felt looking at our images, but it was almost comparable to looking at something your children might create. Oh yeah, these were my people and I absolutely refuse to go as long as we did without seeing each other again. I can’t wait to see what we will create in future! Next time, though, I am going to have to steal these two for some not-work-fun too!


Photography by Flashpoint Collective
Instagram: Flashpoint Collective
Ear Dangles by Diablo Organics

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