Seek and Destroy


     When I first started modeling there was a list of photographers whose work I would swoon over for hours. They shot the most beautiful models and created art that inspired me to no end.  I told myself that one day I would shoot with them and over the years I have watched them grow into the spectacular artists that they are today. One such artist is Jesse of Destroy Inc. From the start of my modeling career he has been producing stunning images of alternative models, the kind that brought my attention to this industry in the first place. I was lucky enough to have his name mentioned when I was looking into shooting during my last trip to San Francisco, so I sent him a message expressing my desire to work with him, held my breath and crossed my fingers.


     As my departure date to the bay started to approach my hope that I would get to work with Destroy Inc. began to fade but I decided to contact him on IG instead of email just in case. When he responded that he had been trying to contact me because he would, in fact, be interested in shooting together I jumped out of my seat and screamed like a school girl! I couldn’t believe that I was going to work with one of my photography idols.  This was really happening! Jesse and I made a plan and I headed off to SF. 


I’ve often heard that you should never meet your idols. That they, more times than not, fall short of what you had made them out to be in your head – if they do not flat out disappoint you. This couldn’t be farther from the truth with Jesse. He’s not only talented and professional, but he managed to take a tiny spare bedroom in which he had to crouch down in a closet to shoot and turn it into a viable backdrop. He’s also hilarious. To be honest, I was extremely nervous to shoot with him.  How does one act when you get to be in front of the lens of the man who creates gold with extremely established, goddess-like models? If you’re like me, you swallow your fear and babble endlessly, but his good-natured humor and compliments of my posing ability put me at ease almost immediately. And when he showed me what we were creating just off the back of his camera, I almost cried. This is why I became a model. This art was what I lived for.


     Nothing could have prepared me for the email I received with the finished shots. Jesse had added his signature Destroy Inc. touches to the images and I was staring at something incredible! That was actually me! My heart fluttered and tears swelled up in my eyes.  I had shot with one of my heroes and we had created magic together. I can’t wait to get back up to the Bay Area and back in front of his lens. I can only hope the rest of 2017 is filled with moments and images like this.


Photography by Destroy Inc.
Instagram: DestroyInc
Garter by ShopKinkyGirly

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