Malik’s Modern


A few weeks ago I wrote a post on my FaceBook page where I made the announcement that I would no longer be living in New Mexico very shortly, though I kept the details of my journey secret. In this message I talked about my gratitude towards the photography community and I offered, for the first time, trade for anyone that wanted to work together providing my schedule could handle it. I was floored at the feedback I received, both because of the volume of requests and because of the extremely talented individuals requesting. One such individual was Malik Daniels, whose images mirror those of the polished perfection within high-end fashion and beauty magazines. I was thrilled to get a chance to work with him!




We decided on three looks, two of which I would be able to style completely myself. I have a special love for having creative control of makeup, hair and costuming, so this was an extra special treat for me. Even more so because I have been challenging myself to create new looks with my dreadlocks, which up until recently I have been solely wearing down. I opted for a modern look with a high pony tail for both looks to keep a clean and crisp feeling about the images.




That night Malik gave me a link to pick my favorite images. His kindness and quickness only added to our fun yet charmingly professional shoot, and when I opened the link I was completely floored. These raw, untouched photos were gorgeous! In fact I liked them so much that it took me several days and multiple phone-a-friend sessions. I even had to ask if there was any possible way to get an extra image simply because I could not eliminate any more! That night he had the edited images from the two sets that I styled in my inbox. You could not ask for a better experience. I am truly grateful to not only have worked with Malik but to now call him my friend. I look forward to being in front of his lens again.


Photography by Malik Daniels
Facebook: @malikdphotograph
Instagram: MDanielsPhoto
Facebook Page:
MM# 2615934


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